Battery for Samsung R45 Pro R510 R60 R65 Pro R70 R700 R710 AA-PB2NC3B

Battery for Samsung R45 Pro R510 R60 R65 Pro R70 R700 R710 AA-PB2NC3B

In Stock at Supplier
In Stock at Supplier
R 782.00
Specification Battery Type : li-ion Voltage : 11.1V Capacity: 5200mAh Color : Black Product Type : Replacement battery Condition: Brand new...
  • Sold By: Asetos Computers
  • Categories Laptop Batteries
  • Type: Laptop Battery


  • Battery Type : li-ion
  • Voltage : 11.1V
  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Color : Black
  • Product Type : Replacement battery
  • Condition: Brand new
  • Warranty: 6 Months

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Courier Shipping Fees

  • Courier to Jo'Burg/PTA (Sameday for orders B4 10h00)  = R70
  • SAPO Speed Services Counter to Counter Delivery = R90
  • Postnet to Postnet Addresses (3-5 working days) = R99
  • Townships: Soweto/Thokoza/Shoshanguve/Mamelodi = R120
  • Witbank/Vareerniging/Capetown/Durban/PE/Krugersdorp = R100
  • Other Major Centers and Towns (Limpompo, George etc) = R150
  • Outlying Areas (Farms and areas away from city centers = R190
  • Special Same day Deliveries in Jo'Burg (Sat/Sun/After Hours ) = R400
  • International (Zim/Zambia/Mozambique/Botswana/Namibia) = Call 4 Rates!

Compatible with Models:


Samsung 70A00D/SEG,
    Samsung R408, 
    Samsung R458

    Samsung M60 Series
        M60 Aura T5450 Chartiz, M60 Aura T7500 Calipa,
        M60 Aura T7500 Cruza, M60-Aura T5450 Chartiz,
        M60-Aura T7500 Calipa, M60-Aura T7500 Caralee,
        M60-Aura T7500 Cruza

    Samsung NP Series
        NP-P50, NP-P60, NP-R40 Plus, NP-R40, NP-R45, 
        NP-R65, NP-R70, NP-X60

    Samsung P460 Series
        P460, P460-42P, P460-44G, P460-44P, P460-AA01,
        P460-AA02, P460-Pro P8600 Pompeji

    Samsung P50 Series
        P50 Pro T2400 Tytahn, P50 Pro T2600 Tygah,
        P50 Pro T5500 Tahlia, P50 Pro T5500 Teygun,
        P50 Pro T7200 Torrin, P50 Pro, P50 T2400 Tytahn, 
        P50 T2600 Tygah, P50, P50-00, P50-C003, P50-C004,
        P50-CV03, P50-CV04

    Samsung P560 Series
        P560, P560-52P, P560-54G, P560-54P, P560 AA01, 
        P560 AA02, P560 AA03, P560 AA04

    Samsung P60 Series
        P60 Pro T2600 Taspra, P60 Pro, P60 T2600 Taspra, 
        P60, P60-01, P60-C003, P60-CV01, P60-CV03

    Samsung Q210 Series
        Q210 AS01, Q210 AS05, Q210 FS01, Q210,
        Q210-FA03DE, Q210-FA04DE, Q210-FS02DE,
        Q210-FS03DE, Q210-FS04DE

    Samsung Q310 Series
        Q310, Q310-AS04DE

    Samsung R39 Series
        R39-DY04, R39-DY06

    Samsung R40 Series
        R40 XIC 2050, R40 XIP 2050, R40 XIP 2055,
        R40 XIP 2250, R40 XIP 2255, R40 XIP 5500,
        R40 XIP 5510, R40, R40/K00/SEG, R40-Aura C430 Corin,
        R40-Aura C440 Chrizz, R40-Aura T2080 Deron,
        R40-Aura T2250 Dooly, R40-Aura T5500 Dilana,
        R40E003/SEG, R40-EL1, R40FY03/SEG, R40FY04/SEG,
        R40K001/SEG, R40-K003, R40K003/SEG, R40K004/SEG,
        R40-K005, R40-K006, R40-K007, R40-K008, R40-K009, 
        R40-K00A, R40-K00D, R40-K00E, R40-K00F, R40-T2300 Caosee,

    Samsung R41 Series
        R41-T2050 Malaido, R41-T2060 Collin,
        R41-T2250 Madea

    Samsung R410 Series
        R410, R410-XA01, R410-XA02, R410-XA03

    Samsung R45 Series
        R45 Pro 1730 Bizzlay, R45 Pro C1600 Buliena,
        R45 Pro T5500 Bernie, R45 Pro, R45, R45-1730 Cutama, 
        R45-C1500 Cerona, R45-K004, R45-K005, R45-K006, 
        R45-K007, R45-K00D, R45-K02, R45-K03

    Samsung R460 Series
        R460, R460-AS06, R460-AS09, R460-BS04, 

    Samsung R505 Series
        R505 FS02, R505 FS03, R505 FS04, R505-FS05DE

    Samsung R509 Series 
        R509-FA02DE, R509-FA03DE, R509-XA01DE

    Samsung R510 Series
        R510 AS02, R510 AS04, R510 AS05, R510 AS07,
        R510 AS08, R510 FA01, R510 FA02, R510 FA06,
        R510 FA07, R510 FA09, R510 FA0E, R510 FS01,
        R510 FS08, R510 FS09, R510 FS0A, R510 XE2V 5750,
        R510 XE2V 7350, R510 XE5V 7350, R510 XS01,
        R510, R510-AA01DE, R510-AS01, R510-BA01,
        R510-FA04DE, R510-FA05DE, R510-FS05DE,
        R510-FS07DE, R510-FS0BDE, R510-FS0CDE,
        R510-FS0DDE, R510-FS0GDE, R510-FS0JDEP-R51,

    Samsung R560 Series 
        R560-AS05DE, R560-AS06DE, R560-AS0BDE, R560-AS0CDE,
        R560-AS0DDE, R560-AS0EDE, R560-AS0FDE, R560-AS0GDE,

    Samsung R60 Series 
        R60 Aura T2130 Daliwa, R60 Aura T2330 Deesan,
        R60 Aura T2330 Diazz, R60 Aura T5250 Danica,
        R60 Aura T5250 Deeloy, R60 Aura T5250 Deven,
        R60 Aura T5250 Donna, R60 Aura T5450 Darlis,
        R60 Aura T5450 Davu, R60 Aura T7250 Divial,
        R60-Aura T2130 Daliwa, R60-Aura T2330 Deesan,
        R60-Aura T2330 Diazz, R60-Aura T5250 Danica,
        R60-Aura T5250 Deeloy, R60-Aura T5250 Deven,
        R60-Aura T5250 Donna, R60-Aura T5450 Darlis,
        R60-Aura T5450 Davu, R60-Aura T7250 Divial,
        R60-FY01, R60plus, R60FE08/SEG, R60FE0G/SEG,
        R60FS02/SEG, R60FS03/SEG, R60FS04/SEG,
        R60FSAB/SEG, R60FY07/SEG, R60FY0A/SEG,
        R60FY0D/SEG, R60KY02/SEG

    Samsung R610 Series 
        R610-64G, R610 AS02, R610 AS03, R610 AS04,
        R610 AS05, R610 AS06, R610 AS07, R610 AS08,
        R610 FS02, R610, R610-Aura P8400 Deon,
        R610-Aura P8400 Dori, R610-Aura P8700 Eclipse,
        R610-Aura P9500 Delu, R610-Aura T3400 Dienh,
        R610-Aura T5900 Deliz

    Samsung R65 Series
        R65 Pro T5500 Baonee, R65 Pro T5500 Boteez,
        R65 Pro, R65 WEP 2300, R65 WEP 5500,
        R65 WIP 2300, R65 WIP 5500, R65, R65-CV01, 
        R65-CV03, R65-CV04, R65-CV05, R65-T2300 Biton,
        R65-T2300 Calix, R65-T2300 Carrew, R65-T2300 Charis,
        R65-T5500 Canspiro, R65-TV01, R65-TV02

    Samsung R70 Series
        R70 Aura T5250 Daryus, R70 Aura T5250 Doroso,
        R70 Aura T5250 Dosan, R70 Aura T5550 Diliaz,
        R70 Aura T7100 Devin, R70 Aura T7250 Diness,
        R70 Aura T7300 Despina, R70 Aura T7500 Damaya,
        R70 Aura T7500 Denet, R70 XEV 7100, R70, 
        R70-Aura T5250 Daryus, R70-Aura T5250 Doroso, 
        R70-Aura T5250 Dosan, R70-Aura T7250 Diness, 
        R70-Aura T7300 Despina, R70-Aura T7500 Damaya, 
        R70-Aura T7500 Denet, R70A00E/SEG

    Samsung R700 Series
        R700, R700 Aura T8100 Deager, R700 Aura T9300 Dillen,
        R700-A00ADE, R700-AS04DE, R700-AS05DE, 
        R700-Aura T8100 Deager, R700-Aura T9300 Dillen, 

    Samsung R710 Series
        R710-AA01DE, R710 AS01, R710 AS02, R710 AS08, 
        R710 AS0A, R710 AS0B, R710 AS0D, R710 FA01, 
        R710 FS01, R710 XE2V 7350, R710, R710-AS03, 
        R710-AS04, R710-AS05DE, R710-BS01
    Samsung X360 Series
        X360, X360-34G, X360-34P, X360-AA02,
        X360-AA03, X360-AA04

    Samsung X460 Series  
        X460, X460-41S, X460-41P, X460-44G, X460-44P,
        X460-AS03, X460-AS04, X460-AS05, X460 FA01

    Samsung X60 Series
        X60 Plus TZ01, X60 Plus TZ03, X60 Plus,
        X60 Pro T2600 Becudo, X60 Pro T7200 Benito,
        X60 Pro T7400 Boxxer, X60 Pro,
        X60 T2600 Becudo, X60 XEP 2310,
        X60 XEP 2400, X60 XIH 2300, X60,
        X60-CV01, X60-CV03, X60-CV06,
        X60-CV08, X60-T2300 Chane, X60-TV01,

    Samsung X65 Series
        X65 Pro T7500 Begum, X65 Pro,
        X65 XEV 7300, X65, X65-A003

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2. The customer warrants that he has backed up and secured on a separate device, all the data contained on the device prior to handing in the device. The customer acknowledges that in the event of a board failure, all data on such device will be lost and will be non-recoverable, under any circumstances. The customer indemnifies, and holds Asetos Computers harmless against all damage/s, harm and loss howsoever arising with reference to the device aforementioned, the repair thereof to be effected, any loss or corruption of data including but not limited to confidential, proprietary or personal information howsoever arising.

3. The customer warrants that he has removed any and all removable media such as Flash Drives, USB Dongles, DVDs, CDs, PC cards and/or any SIM cards and accordingly indemnifies Asetos Computers against the loss of any removable media.

4. The condition of the device will be noted at time of booking in. Notwithstanding the aforesaid it shall be the responsibility of the customer to prove that the device did not have any pre-existing defects when handed in.

5. The customer undertakes to remove any third party add-ons including but not limited to screen protectors and/or covers, which may be damaged or destroyed during the repair. Asetos Computers will not be held liable for the costs to replace any such third party add-ons.

6. The customer further undertakes to disable and/or remove applications such as “Find my iPhone” and “Activation Lock” or passwords prior to booking in the device for service or repair. These applications may restrict Asetos Computers from effecting hardware service and/or repair, as such devices with these or similar applications will be rejected, if not disabled.

7. Any repairs or service to be carried out on the device which is not covered by a warranty will be quoted on accordingly.

8. A quotation is an estimate which may change if the repair is unsuccessful or if additional parts or services are required. Quotations are valid for a period of 7 days and may be subject to ROE fluctuations. Repairs will only be undertaken on receipt of written acceptance/approval of a quotation, and receipt of the 50% deposit payment of the presented quotation, which may be communicated via electronic communication to or whatsapp message to 0844644666.

9. Asetos Computers shall not accept cancellations after receiving an acceptance or approval of a quotation, and if the part has been placed on order already with the supplier. The customer shall be liable for the full repair charges alternatively, at Asetos Computers sole discretion, a reasonable cancellation penalty will be levied before the device is released. A device will only be released once any outstanding/full payment has been received in our bank account.

10. A service charge may be applied where the customer has requested Asetos Computers to assess the device. This may, by necessity, require certain services to be performed for the purposes of assessing fault/damage and in order to provide the customer with a quotation for the costs of repairs to the device. In this instance, Asetos Computers will request the completion of an assessment form, which will note any applicable charges.

11. In an event where the device has sustained liquid or physical damage, the customer indemnifies Asetos Computers harmless against any/all damage or harm/loss whatsoever arising from the assessment process. Please be advised that Asetos Computers may not be able to return the device in working order after it has been disassembled for assessment purposes.

12. In the event where devices have sustained damage to the LCD screens, covers, lenses or touchscreens which have the probability to disintegrate during disassembly and will therefore not be returnable in the condition that the device was received, the customer accordingly indemnifies and holds Asetos Computers harmless against all damage/s, harm and loss howsoever arising with reference to the aforementioned.

12. In accordance with the law, Asetos Computers will not be obliged to return devices that have been assessed and found to be reported stolen/blacklisted, unless the customer is able to prove ownership thereof.

13. Asetos Computers does not hold all parts in stock and availability is dependent on the supply from the manufacturer and we therefore cannot guarantee the availability of parts. Parts may ship from abroad with an average ETA of 7 – 21 working days.
14. Asetos Computers cannot guarantee the availability of any loan equipment should a repair take longer than expected. The customer hereby acknowledges that time is not of the essence and Asetos Computers will not be held liable for any damages or inconvenience suffered as a result of a delay in the return of the device.

15. All collections need to be done during our trading hours. The customer is to present the intake form (booking-in form)/payment receipt for collection and no unit will be released without this documents.

16. The customer hereby undertakes to collect his device within 30 days after the completion of the repair. Should the customer fail to collect the device within 30 days of completion of the repair/service then Asetos Computers shall have the right to charge a storage fee of R30.00 per day per device retrospective with effect from the 30th day after completion of the repair.

17. The customer acknowledges that by booking in his device, that such device is pledged to Asetos Computers as security for payment of the repair/service and storage fee as well as for the full value of any loan device not returned to Asetos Computers or for any damage caused to a loan device.

18. Asetos Computers reserves the right to dispose of the device to defray the costs and expenses incurred, if the device is not claimed and/or if any amount charged herein remains unpaid after 60 days from repair.

19. The customer agrees that the telephone number/s and email addresses that he provides herein are his chosen method of contact and address/number and he confirms that any legal notices or documents that Asetos Computers may send for his attention can be sent to either contact detail.

20. Payment must be tendered prior to collection of the device. Payment shall be made at the time of collection unless the payment will be made via EFT. All EFT payments are to reflect in our Bank account before any devices may be collected.

21. A replacement or repaired part, assumes the remaining term of the Warranty or ninety (90) days from the date of replacement or repair, whichever provides longer coverage for the customer. When a part is replaced or repaired, any replacement or repaired item becomes the customer’s property and the replaced and/or discarded item becomes Asetos Computers’s property.

22. Asetos Computers, members, affiliates, employees, contractors and agents will under no circumstances whatsoever be liable for any damages, whether direct, special, general, indirect, incidental, exemplary or consequential, resulting from any service consultation, services rendered or goods supplied, including without limitation, the cost of recovering, reprogramming, or reproducing any program or data.

This includes, without limitation, failure to maintain the confidentiality of data, or any loss of business, profits, revenue, anticipated savings or goodwill. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Asetos Computers does not warrant that it will be able to;

  • repair or replace any products or equipment without risk to or loss of programs, applications or data;
  • maintain confidentiality of data; or
  • preserve data/material stored on the device. The customer accordingly indemnifies and holds harmless Asetos Computers from any liability in this regard whatsoever.
23. In order to effect the repair or replacement of the device, it will be necessary for the Asetos Computers to process some of the customers’ personal information. The customer hereby acknowledges that processing includes (but is not limited to) collection, retention, use, storage or distribution of personal information.

Contact information is also used for communication purposes throughout the repair process. The customer hereby agrees that personal information may be stored on the Asetos Computers database and may be used for any lawful purpose at Asetos Computers’s discretion and consent to the processing of your personal information by the Asetos Computers accordingly. The customer absolves Asetos Computers from any liability in terms of Protection of Personal Information Act No 4.of 2013 (POPI) for failing to obtain further consent or to notify the customer of the reason for the processing of personal information.

24. No addition to, variation of, or agreed cancellation of these terms and conditions shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties by way of handwritten signatures.

25. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held to be unenforceable by any court of law or other tribunal or competent authority, such provision shall be severable from these terms and conditions and shall not affect the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

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